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Teams Trunk question


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Long time no post :)

PBX 68.0.16

I would prefer to setup teams end points correctly as per MS doco where you should be running a command like so,

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity xxx@xx.com.xx -PhoneNumber "61XXXXXXXXX;ext=801" -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting 

This will define the users "Assigned phone number" plus also their "Phone number extension" which displays neatly in teams so the end user can see their DID with in teams. 

As the PBX will send the invite as 801@xx.com.xx to teams it won't ring the teams end point when setup as above unless the PBX extension is setup as the DID with the extension number as an 'alias' however this is not ideal config. 

Is there a way to tweak the trunk settings with some advanced custom headers to send the invite based on the extensions defined DID failing that followed by the extension number for endpoints that might not have a DID?



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