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API for service flags and action menu


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I don't see anything on the API for the service flags. Is there anything that can be shared for that?

Also is there any api calls for i tried /open_pnp/ext but didn't work

open accounts for mac-based provisioning
reboot the selected accounts
re-sync the select account
Send welcome email
download qr code


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No I'm looking at adding a simple UI to my website for my users. Some users are saying the UI is too advanced for them. They just want to put in name, phone mac and some other options. So I'm looking at simplifying it.


I did check the inspector before I posted and the only thing that shows there is open_pnp. When I run that command I get 

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

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Well you have to make sure that the authentication is okay, either through a session or through Basic authentication (which must be enabled in the later versions). However if authentication is the problem you would see a 403 response. You can use curl -vvv to see more details on what went wrong on HTTP level.

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On 9/23/2022 at 12:11 PM, SeanK said:

Any idea of when the api page will be updated with all the functions?

We do have some ideas in mind to take this to another level. For now, the main thing is to get the requests authenticated and then watch what the web front end is doing to get things done through the REST API. But I agree a proper documentation of all relevant functions would be more desirable. The current API web page sets high expectations but falls short delivering them.

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14 hours ago, SeanK said:

SIP harmony is a little expensive for what I do. I like the option of bring your own carrier. I'm currently bringing in two carriers.

I've figured most of the API commands that I need to start on my front end portal for clients 

Oh, I am not advertising Sipharmony. I am advertising Stoplight. And we allow BYOC and BYOD.

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