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vodia io in the LAN network as bridge mode


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Dear community,

I have received my new device the Vodia IO and would like to use it in my LAN.

Any suggestion how I can implement it IP wise in the bridge mode?

I'm operating a firewall with different services running on it like  IP sec connections , dyndns and so on towards the Internet.

Firewall acts as DHCP Server in the LAN.

What I would like to achieve is that I can static address with a mac address binding from the firewall DHCP Server an IP address to the vodia IO device (like that I receives always the same IP from an IP pool that is excluded to dynamic assign to clients) and that the vodia IO acts as bridge mode/device. The aim would be that the vodia IO Router distributes the addresses it receives from the Firewall DHCP Server to the connected devices LAN-Ports/wireless of the vodia IO Router.

Is that kind of setup possible with that device?


With kind regards,



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If the IO is supposed to be a DHCP client, the WAN port is your friend (even if you use a static IP instead of DHCP you should use the WAN port). The LAN ports are typically used when the IO is service as DHCP server. You need to make sure that the network in your LAN does not overlap with the address range in the Vodia IO (which is by default Because the WAN was designed to be using a public IP address like with a typical router, you need to enable HTTP access on the WAN interface—the only way to do that is to use a LAN port, log in to the web interface, do your changes and then plug in the WAN port.

You can also use the WiFi of the IO, e.g. if you have VoIP devices. And of course you can use the LAN ports for other VoIP devices, helping to isolate the VoIP network from the rest of the LAN, although it does not much more than just put it into a separate network. 

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Hi Many thanks for your quick response.

As I understood there is no way to setup the IO in bridge mode to pass the IP addresses it receives from my Firewall acting as DHCP Server towards to the connected devices of the IO, right?

Let's make for simplicity an example


DHCP Server on Firewall:

Subnet LAN

Range to distribute over DHCP to the clients -

Reserved range for mac binding / static IP addresses -


My goal would be that with a dynamic mac address binding the IO is addressed with an IP in the range of - and that all clients connected to the IO receives an IP from the Firewall DHCP Server in the range of -

That's what I mean with the IO in bridge mode , there are not 2 different subnets between the LAN and the IO , just simple receive an IP address on the WAN Port or static address assignement and forwards the DHCP requests from the IO clients 4 LAN Ports and Wifi to the firewall DHCP Server.

This is a normal setup for a small company (SMB).

They use a couple of SIP devices , connected to LAN / WiFi / DECT , normally also a FAX over POTS , workstations and wifi mobile devices to surf on the www or to connect to a subsidery over an IPSec connection ...

Means at the end there is always a firewall managed by an external company that does also the support for their infrastructure over that firewall from external with an VPN.

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Well the underlying router platform has many possibilities, and I believe it could also do a bridge. However unless you want to use the physical LAN ports, you achieve the same effect by just connecting the devices directly to the firewall. The IO would then act like a regular PBX with just one network interface. IMHO that would be a very easy setup. Or do you need to use the physical LAN ports?

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o.k so let's give it a try

would you be so kindly to give me a best practice from scratch with that? I mean IO is in default setup and I wanne achive what I explaint.

What are the steps I should do to achive it?

Please appoligize that I'm bothering you but I looked into the documentation and there is not so much that gives me the fealing I could understand what how it works

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Have already read it back and forth 😞

I think personally a detailed artical with this topic how to achive it what I'm asking for as it is a common practice in the real world would give your IO product a selling growth in the market 😉

documentation is the key factor for success 

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This sounds like an exciting problem (but one that rarely occurs), yes, and certainly we should do something more there.  I'm going to look at this/get to grips with it over the next few days........ and look for solutions. However, please understand that our desks are also full of other things that need to get done🙃.

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have full understanding that you have a lot of other topics on your desks to manage.

It's also nothing urgend and can wait , only my home Lab that I'm using to make some test's with our Registration SIP Trunk Service we over to customers, so take it easy and when you have some time let me know about your findings

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  • 1 month later...

hi guys,

Hope you are doing all well and that you spend a beatifull time with your loved family /friends during christmas holidays.

I don't want to bother you with that but I also don't want that it get's lost in the space 🙂

If it makes sense for you we could also have a Diskussion about it why I think that it could make sense to have such a feature I'm asking for 🙂

in the mean time I remain with kind regards to this toptic

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