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Hotline using a windows app


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Hi, is this setup possible?

Windows app on a laptop used for students to call an extension if they need assistance.  We don’t want to allow inbound or outbound calls and restrict config as much as possible – no app modification and address book view etc.  As well as not allow to view other extensions if possible…


Ideally something like a hot line, simple interface and only ability is to dial a single number.

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Well it is definitively possible, the question is what is the easiest way to achieve this.

First of all, I would make sure that the dial plan for those extensions limits the calls to the allowed numbers. Even if you are hiding elements, this will be still useful in case your students are smart and figure out what the API is doing underneath. 

As for the config, I think the best path could be to display:none everything in the custom CSS that you don't want to show. This would be relatively easy and should get you close where you want to be.

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