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Server - Hardware CPU vs RAM


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4 GB RAM should be okay unless you plan to have huge amounts of CDR. In that case it would make sense to go for 8 GB. Also in you are using Windows, I would go for 8 GB anyway as Windows itself tends to be memory hungry. As for the CPU, 2 cores are perfect. However it would be great if the cores are dedicated and not shared with other VM, so that they can be responsive when RTP hits the server and the other VM is not currently trying to mine cryptocurrencies. 

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Hello, I'm bouncing back on the subject and precisely I'm asking myself a question can I use VMs with a dedicated core or is there a reason why a debian vm must always have at least two cores, even on small systems with less than 10 stations?

Is dual core is used for: 1 incoming call core and 1 outgoing call core.

Is it necessary to optimize vodia set this parameter: Process affinity mask*? in general system

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Hello Frederic Pi,

If you don't set a value in the Process affinity mask, then always the core 0 is bound to the PBX (value becomes "1" this value could of course also be set). For small systems, this value, which strives for the first core, will be sufficient no matter how many were provided, so then, of course, even if only one core is contributed by the VM.

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