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App available on Apple Watch


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there are times that we dont have a phone on us, but we always have a watch.  There are also times where it would be easier to touch a button on your watch than dig your phone out of your pocket.  I have taken mobile calls on my watch frequently, it would be handy to be abe to take Vodia calls as well.

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Would the watch VoIP call work without the phone being in Bluetooth distance? I would doubt it. I would assume the watch is from audio point of view just a Bluetooth speaker device. 

I have also taken calls on the watch, but the audio quality is given the hardware far inferior to the phone itself. I do it if the phone is too far away, e.g. another room. I agree there are some cases where taking a VoIP call on the watch would make sense, but I would say something in the 1-5% area of all calls.

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the watch does not need to be connected by Bluetooth to work, it's not just a speaker device.  The audio quality is inferior to the phone, but is perfectly functional. I guess it is whether the option is firstly feasible and secondly popular enough to make it worthwhile rather than how many calls you and I may make.  

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