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Presence on IOS and Windows app


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PBX V68.0.30 - When I am using my IOS or Windows app, I can only see if someone is online if they are using the Windows app ... but not if they are using a SIP phone, the IOS app, and I assume the Android app .  It would be handy to see who is on/offline at a glance on any device/app.

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  • RichardDCG changed the title to Presence on IOS and Windows app

the issue is to see if a person is available to transfer calls to etc.  Windows app, IOS app and I assume the Android app only see the availability of those using the Windows app.

My GS GXP2170 shows an extension is online (green BLF) when there is no phone or anything registered to it - it is just an extension in Vodia with no handsets...?  On other systems the BLF goes grey..

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It's really hard to tell if a person is available for a call, e.g. the PBX would wake up the mobile app anyway. An indicator would not have much value. 

We tried a few years ago when the company was still called pbxnsip to establish a simple standard for setting BLF lights, but it failed (sadly). As of today, when it comes to interoperability the "dialog-state" can set on, off and blinking and it is up to the phone to render it somehow. We try to use "blinking" as the promise that a call can be picked up, and "on" meaning that there is something like a call going on or at least the extension is otherwise busy (DND). For real information, the only way is to use the browser, where anything is possible.

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9 hours ago, RichardDCG said:

how often does the mobile app refresh? I have found that if an extension is busy and shows red on the mobile app, I need to refresh the screen to confirm.  It doesn't auto refresh on changed status..

Well for mobile, the refresh traffic should be really limited. The problem is that with all the go to sleep and wake up, it can be hard to figure out when it actually really need to refresh. The Vodia app is not the only one with the problem. Some other apps take an eternity to refresh data, at least the Vodia app is relatively fast (probably thanks to the backend).

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