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Vodia Crash on Incoming Call


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I suspect that it is the Windows app. In any case, I would recommend deleting it and reinstalling it. I also suspect that this app was never replaced with a more up-to-date one. That's why I would do this step right away. You can download the current app (for Windows) here:




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You may have already done so, but just to make sure:

When you upgraded, did it ask you about turning on the Vodia Phone.

That has to be turned on.

If you missed it, you can still get to it but it is a deeply hidden setting from Android.

The reason is, now we use the native dialer for the calls, and the native dialer must allow Vodia Phone to use it.

Under the native dialer, NOT our app, go to the three dots (burger) on top right, then Settings, then Other call settings (Calls in Pixel), then Calling accounts, then Active calling accounts, and you should see "Vodia Phone" with a switch in front. Turn it on.

For some phones the setting names may be a little different. But that has to be turned on.


You could clear the cache and settings of the app, uninstall it and install it again but at the beginning, please turn on that setting when it goes to that screen, then you can go back to the app to give the rest of the permissions.


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This procedure is what I was referring to in my first post when I mentioned having done the "Calling Account Fix".

Cleared Cache and Storage, uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled. Upon installation it did not prompt to scan my barcode so it still had account data. It still crashes on incoming calls but does not close. Outgoing calls work. Dialer seems correct.



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Could this be a special SW from T mobile on this phone to avoid using other apps with the native dialer? That is, have they locked it? It would be a question for them why this setting is not available, why other apps can't use the native dialer?


In this phone the setting is somewhere else?

Because all Android phones have this setting (sometimes by different names), that is specially to allow other apps use the telecom system of Android in a consistent way.

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I posted two pictures, that is the way they appear on that version of Android. They appear to be equivalent to the pictures you posted. All Calling Accounts shows T-Mo and Vodia and Make Calls with shows Vodia. It is not exactly the same but I assume there is some variance by OS and phone.

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