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V69 call queues


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V69.0.6 - Aug 17 2023 13:18:19 

Extensions are set as Call queue agents. Inbound calls to queues do not show in active calls or as CDR's if I have an HTek903 connected.  All agents ring - including the HTek903.

After a couple of seconds the Windows app stops ringing.  SIP phones ring ok.

Queue stats in Windows app shows how many calls In/Out/Missed ... but no way to click and see what calls they were?  It would be nice to be able to click on the 'missed' calls for example and see a list of the numbers.


V69.0.8 - Aug 18 2023 07:54:21

Unchanged from above...


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the device should not restrict your ability to see the CDR or live calls . Do you believe the Htek phone is somehow not showing calls in the Web UI ? sorry theres a few questions within the question , 

your request for the click on the "missed" calls is more of a Feature Add request I would post that seperately to give it better atention 

For the call queues

1- If you go to the call log as the domain admin you can expand the call to see who it rang and and who picked it up to seek info there, I usually look at the call log for the domain, the call logs inside the Call Queue as a domain admin and also the Agent stats. 

also set your Logging to Duration 30 Min , SIP = 8 Ttrunk Events = 8 and LOG CALL MESSAGES = ON Leave everything else off . then you can call in and get the logs when testing you can share for better support 

hope this is helpful to getting you on your way with the basic troubleshooting for your issues . 

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It would seem to be specific to this individual phone.  If I enable the phone as an agent and make a call to the queue there is nothing in the active window, although the phone is ringing and I can answer the call.  The call record also doesn't show in the CDR's.  If I don't enable the HTek in the queue then the call does show in the active window and is also registered as a call in the CDR's. But I can configure another one (same make/model/FW) and it works ... odd that a single phone can have that much impact.

Factory resetting the phone has no impact, still stops active calls and CDR's from showing.

The Windows app stops ringing after ~ 3 seconds, the SIP phones continue.

In V68.0.30, the Windows app queue manager has the ability to click on the missed, Total and IN calls ... but interestingly not the Out calls.  However, it just shows all the calls, not calls related to the option chosen.

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