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Black List in Address Book not working


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I am trying to blacklist a number using the web USER interface.  The number I am calling is a direct DID to the extension, no auto attendants or groups involved. 

I called the number and added it to my address book using the *92 code (I have also created it in the web interface instead of the star code, with no difference).  I added a custom name and set a custom ring tone.  When I call in, the system is finding the match (so the country code and all are set ok) and will update the display with the custom name and it also uses the custom ring tone.

Setting the contact type to BLACKLIST makes no change.  The call will still ring in.  What am I missing?

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I would turn logging on and see how the call gets though the various stages. Maybe the problem is that the number companion fails, maybe because the address book entry starts with plus while the trunk was setup not to convert the number into this format. Underneath calls are considered SPAM, which does not necessarily reject the call, e.g. route it to the mailbox instead. Anyhow, the log should show more information. Also, what version are you on.

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I'm sure the number is being matched correctly because it does change the ring tone and it labels the call with the name I have entered into the address book.  I used the star code to add the caller to my address book, so it is saved exactly the way it came in.  I have also noticed that when I change the contact type to BLACKLIST and hit save, then go back into edit again, the value is back to REGULAR CONTACT and the ringer selection is back to NO SPECIFIC RINGER SELECTED.

We are running version 69.0.8

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