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CDR / limits

D Ellis

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Hi all,

We are live testing Vodia for a client who potentially could have a multi tenant system with hundreds of tenants.

Curious on the limits to CDR records and call reporting records. I see that it's 1,000,000 system wide ( each for CDR and call recordings ) of which assuming it's a flat file, I can understand that. What do people do over that limit as on other PBX systems, we've limited recordings generally to 30 days on other systems, but given higher range on how long the CDR's stay on the system. Assume some must have customers who want to keep 2-3 years for legal reasons of CDR records and in our case most don't want to keep it for long, but there are some customers. On a multi tenant level certainly there could be issues everyone having years worth of CDR records, but we need to flexibility to have some that can have a higher number.

Am I reading it correctly that system wide on a multi tenant its 1,000,000 and then after that we should be looking to export them? Which of course requires a frontend for customers to access, so it's development we'd like to avoid. Are there 3rd party companies, maybe tools others have used to export to and use. We are worried if we use Vodia for a customer who is putting a lot of customers on it, to pay the license fee and then also to pay for a 3rd party solution, it may price them out of the market they are looking at. I'd be curious what solutions others have come up with to going over the limits or use other methods used.

**EDIT** even something like a2billing, it would be better than developing something from scratch.


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There is no hardcoded limit. 1 MM records should be no big deal for a regular server, but you can also make to 2 MM or 10 MM if you like. It will just take up more space on the hard drive and also in RAM, though we try to keep the memory part small. Also it will make the restart slower because the PBX has to read the index files before it gets operational.

For each tenant there is a retention period, which serves as additional limit. Typically the tenant limitation should be the one that really limits it. If you promise tenants to keep the records for a year then you want to make sure that the number of total records in the system is far more than you would expect from that tenant.

Some Vodia partners have written external CDR storage solutions. For example the PBX can push records straight into MongoDB. However (at this point) it's a one-way ticket from the PBX point of view. 

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We use CDR-Reports for all of our advanced customer reporting and long term record retention.  Have been using them for years and works well.  Here is the contact info if you want to reach out craig@cdr-reports.com 

We have 14 server and 5k+ users, its pretty much the best thing out there for long term retention and reporting if you dont want to startt from scratch. Craig built alot of it around Vodia specifically, have him do a demo for you , handles all the ACD and billing level records ... Yori 

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