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This seems very close to what I would REALLY like to see, i.e. To change dial plans according to day and time of day.


I want to set up least cost routing, but (at least here in the UK) this often varies by day and time, but dial plans have no concept ot time. So why not incorporate SFs into dial plan control so e.g. a call would use different trunks at different times of the day and on different days?


It may well be possible to get the same effect with some external scripting and direct URL control, but it really ought to be configurable within the PBX. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this.

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Yes. We will update the post with the link after some QA.

We've just had a new update, but still no Service Flag option in Dial plans. :angry:


This would be such a great feature and you say it has been implemented, so please let us have it. Why the delay? Please explain what is the situation regarding this feature.

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We it is in "head", but head is not in a shape that we can release. Porting it back to version 4.2 always carries the risk of bringing in instability, and that is what we want to avoid there as much as possible.

Well I agree we certainly want to avoid instability, but that applies to any development and this would be such a great feature. Your previous posts on this subject led me to believe that it was due soon. I'm not sure what you are now suggesting. When might we actually see this feature?

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We are have no problem making head builds available, something worth presenting would be a matter of weeks. It is actually not clear if we come out with a kind of "Service Pack 2" image (4.3) for the 4 release of the PBX. There it might be included, but I would say that will be something for summer.

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