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Currently there is only an intranet directory database with our customer which contains their employees name and extension. They require a button next to the name so that when they click the button, pbxnsip will initiate the call for them. Meaning, pbxnsip will handshake both the caller (the person who clicks) and the other person (the name at the directory). We would like to know if you can design the click to call features for our client.



Ganesh Neelakantan

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There are two ways to address this.


The first is to generate links that initiate remote calls from the PBX. Those links are e.g. included in emails that are sent after missing a call. Unfortunately the Wiki is down at the moment (grrr), so I cannot show you the link.


The second possiblity is to use the TSP (TAPI Service provider). This feature will be available in the 2.1 release. We are testing it and it seems to be "okay" (another link on the Wiki grrrr). The good thing about this is that the TAPI support of the address books of the world is generally great, and we can just use all these wonderful tools to fetch telephone numbers.

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This customer has the existing database in mysql and language of the intranet site is jsp. The fields shown in the screen correspond to the following table.field:


Company = aa_hierachy.countryCode

Department = aa_hierachy.deptCode

Section = aa_hierachy.sectionCode

Staff Number = aa_hierachy.staffNumber

Name = security_user.firstName

Office Direct Line = aa_hierachy.contactOfficeDirectLineNumber

Office Ext = aa_hierachy.contactOfficeGeneralNumber

Handphone = aa_hierachy.contactHpNumber

Email = security_user.email1


If we use TSP can get something like this with a "click to dial" added? or can this directory be integrated to 2.1 with click to dial? Basically the customer wants to use the existing database and is looking for application that can integrate and work with it.

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We also wrote something up a thttp://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Click_To_Dial.


Is it possible to have a domain admin account that is allowed to dial in behalf of an other account. We have a software where the users are already authenticated. It would be nice to have one technical user account on the server that is allowed to dial for another user. So we don't have to put all passwords from all users in our software.

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