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Custom emails - ssi variables


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If you want to use your own images in the email you can just "hard" code a link (you can even put the files e.g. into the tufts directory of the PBX and have the PBX serve them). That applies for static content. For dynamic content, things get of course a lot more complicated, e.g. graphs. For that one, we are starting to use backend JavaScript which is an entirely new problem. However there is actually documentation about this. 

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I am not looking for graphs, i simple wanted a easy way to insert a link variable to point to the server hostname or hostname/img.

I have one templates, i wanted to upload that one template to all PBX servers.

I hard coded it, but its all pointing to one PBX, so PBX2 is getting the images for the email from PBX1.

It would be nice to have this fixed.

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