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PAC on hosted


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would there be a negative performance with PAC in a hosted environment? like 500 PAC users?


how sure how http is threaded, etc. when will we see multi-threading?


In version 3, the Windows version would have a problem as all threads are bound to one CPU core. That will have a negative performance impact. In version 4 we made it possible that the Windows operating system also uses other cores for the HTTP threads.

In Linux, it never made a difference. Version 3 already makes it possible that the operating system uses different cores for the process.

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what????????? linux can use multi cores? I did not know this. so i can now buy 6 more machines and get like 500+ concurrent calls?


Linux uses multiple cores for the HTTP processing, but not for media processing and SIP. So yes, you can use 6 core machines, but no 500 calls will not be realistic on that machine... At least you don't have to worry that the HTTP or HTTPS stuff is a showstopper for performance.

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cool. so does the default threads use core 0 by default? and I should set the infinity to 1 for RTP?

just want to make sure i get this setup properly.


Default is that the RTP thread uses core 0. IMHO there is no need to change this unless you want to run multiple instances of the PBX on the same host.


As you know, if you are able to split the userbase into domains, you can always run multiple instances (processes) in different working directories on the same machine. This way, you can squeeze the last CPU clock out of the system.


also, when do you think multi RTP threading will happen?


Version 10.0... We looked into this; this will have a lot of consequences and also a lot of interal overhead. There are some other things that we can do first in order to improve the performance of transcoding and that should bring us into the area of 200 calls on a modern CPU (including low rate codec transcoding). You need a pretty big domain to have 200 calls going on.

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sorry just trying to understand this.


do by default rtp runs on core 0. so does http by default run on core 1?


what happens if I run a second instance on core 1?


or are all processes run in the same core and the internal threading is handling the prioritization?

Just trying to understand before i throw a second processor in the box.

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