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I use EyeBeam and Xlite.




I'm using a softphone (Eyebeam) for the secretary terminal. Due that the secretary has to move from one side to another in the office, we bought a bluetooth adaptor to the PC so the secretary can use a bluetooth terminal (like the ones we usually use with cell phones) so she can answer the incoming calls. The bluetooth adaptor comes with a software for connecting with bluetooth devices. In the audio settings for the softphone we selected the "new" installed device (bluetooth). The problem is as follows. To an incoming call the bluetooth device rings, but when I press the answer button (from the bluetooth device) It can not get the call (answer) and after some tries (pressing the answer button) the bluetooh connection get lost. The thing is that when I answer to an incoming call directly from the softphone I can answer the call and talk through the bluetooth device normally.


I don't know if this problem is due to a wrong configuration on the softphone or if there is a problem between the bluetooth adaptor and the bluetooth device.


Thanks a lot for your support.


Nelson Vargas.

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