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call diversion


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Verizon is requiring a Diversion in the header when calls are forwarded. That way the CID of the origianal caller is in the P-Asserted but the Diverted contains the Bill to ANI.


What? That would be completely off the RFCs. The original Caller-ID is always in the From header. This is because the From-header never changes in the SIP proxy model.


If they are using P-Asserted then that one contains the one who is paying the bill. This is almost intrinsic ("It is me, I am paying").


Maybe they support ICID (RFC 3455). This would be a very easy way of knowing who is calling.

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Thats what i though.


Problem is when a call is forwarded the ANI of the original Caller is passed to the carrier. IF the ANI is not authorized (with verizon) the call is rejected.

So they want the diversion but I cant figure out how the diversion is passed. I see it in the Exchange messages. But that diversion message they dont like either :) they want the sip: not tel:


on the fun. I will inquire about the ICID.

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