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Script to Show DID's


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I have a script that will show me all DID's and to which domain its on



# Show all account names that are a telephone number:

function get_xml()
 gawk -v tag=$1 'BEGIN{regex="<" tag ">([^<]*)</" tag ">";}{ match($0, regex, m); for(i = 1;; i++) { if(!(i in m))\
break; printf("%s\n",m[i]);}}' $2

for alias in user_alias/*.xml
 name=${alias:11} # only the name
 idx=${name%.xml} # only the number
 name=$(get_xml name $alias)
 if [ -z "$name" -o "${#name}" -lt 8 ]; then continue; fi
 user=$(get_xml user $alias)
 domain=$(get_xml domain $alias)
 domainname=$(get_xml name domains/$domain.xml)
 echo $name $domainname



any Linux Gurus on here can tell me how to modify it and have it send me the results in a email?

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what I did now was make another script that runs the first scripts and outputs it into a file which the results of the file get sent in a email

thanks so much

here is the code I used



date=`date "+%m%d%y_%H%M"`

./show_did.sh > $filename

echo | mailx -s "subject line" emaito@mail.com-- -r emailfrom@mail.com < $filename


does anyone know how would I change the display name of what email address the email is going to come from? now it just shows emailfrom@mail.com, I want it to say Email From and if I hit reply it will go to emailfrom@mail.com

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