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PNP per domain


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I would really really like to see PNP parameters per domain....


I really like TCP connections with polycom, however if there are network issues TCP sucks and i would like to be able to turn a specific domain down to UDP.


Same thing with snom, by default I use TLS. but TLS can get hard to troubleshoot. So i would be nice to drop someone down to TCP/UDP so I can hook test equipment up and see whats going on.


Causing the whole PNP to downgrade is really inconvenient.



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Okay, point taken. While we are on it, maybe we should address this in a more complete way, the current solution is not really satisfactory.


I think that many people would like to do a lot more customization. Adding a parameter for everything is unrealistic. But maybe we can do the same thing that we already did for the emails--have a default and allow the admin to override that default in the web browser.


The problem with this would be that those files can get very long (e.g. Polycom easily hits the 200 KB range). Maybe a matter on minor inconvenience? Any other ideas?

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I dont know how else it would be done. and its really more convent for hosted guys.


Scenerios i have run into.. customer has a bad network connection and Polycom TCP connections break. but I like TCP for BLF but that now means I have to force the whole hosted box down to UDP just to fix a problem (until the customer fixes their crap).


Another issue. I love TLS on snom phones. however what if I need to take a network fluke to the customer. I have to force them down to UDP.. thus forcing the whole domain down.


My house I use an edgemarc router with SIP ALG. I would prefer my house use UDP so I can better use the ALG functions.


but i cant do these thing without forcing the whole box down.. thus the PNP per domain would make life so much easier.

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but i cant do these thing without forcing the whole box down.. thus the PNP per domain would make life so much easier.


Well, those templates should be editable on domain level as well. The point is to get away from the parameters and move towards templates.


I have seen how salesforce does it e.g. for the emails. This makes a lot of sense, and I believe it can be extended to the PnP templates as well. Once we have that behind us, I think we can keep it for a long time this way.

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