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Is there a way to get the active calls including on hold with SOAP or by any other method programatically? I noticed the directory "CALLS" but there are not any entries in that directory when there are active calls. I wan't sure if this was a SOAP issue or it was not recording call entries properly. When the call is completed a new file is created in the "cdr" directory.

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The call list is just another table in the PBX. So in theory, you could read that table using SOAP. But I am not sure if that is a pragmatic way to go.




1. Register a dummy user-agent and subscribe for the dialog information.


2. 2.1 will introduce "buttons", which are instant messages that carry call information. You still need to use SIP for that, but it is much easier than dialog information.


3. You can also subscribe for dialog information using HTTP. Then the PBX will push that out via a HTTP request.


Everything not very appealing...

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1. First, you need to subscribe to dialog state. Through http that is difficult, but if you can do a SIP SUBSCRIBE that should be easy. Just put a contact like "Contact: <>" there.


Through HTTP is a little bit difficult at this time, you would have to do this trough SOAP. However, we will quickly add a type field to the web request, so that a regular http post can do the job (in the registrations tab, there is something at the bottom that adds a registration).


If you just want to test it, just create a static registration without a type, and edit the XML record in the file system. After that, you need to restart the service though to read the change.


2. The notifications then are walking out as http post requests to the provided location. They contain the same body as the SIP NOTIFY in a SIP SUBSCRIBE dialog would do.

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Is there a theoretical limit of how many DIALOG states you can subscribe before the PBX becomes overwhelmed?


No limit. But we have had installations where the XML load was so heavy that the network had problems transporting RTP! Because of that we have that new method "buttons" which should be much more efficient. Don't ask for documentation, it is still pending.

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