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Paging Configuration


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Setup: Set up a paging account for unicast with 3 extensions explicitly defined in the desitnation field. One source extensnion is defined which is also in the destination group.


Issue: When dialing the paging extension (account) all phones in the paging destination answer as configured and await the page. However, the paging source continues to ring and is never able to send audio. When the source is hung up, all destinations end calls as expected.


Alternative Setup: Modified the pagiing destinations to a single destination not including the source. When the paging account is dialed, the destination answers however, the source remains quite (as if in one-way audio state but receiving instead of sending). When source is hung up, destination call ends.


Phones tried: Grandstream 2000 and 2020 (all latest firware) and CounterPath eybeam (1.5) and Bria (2.1). All with same results. I have tried every config option in the phones that I can think of that might affect this, but have not been abel to solve. The phones are all on local network and all other functions/features work including Intercom using *90. (THe Grandstream Intercom button does not work). I also tried the Grandstream instructions for paging whcih switches an active line from "talk using" to "page using" mode, however this made no difference.


pbxnsip version: (this issue has been in all versions of 2.1.0 thus far)


Any ideas? While this could very well be a config issue with the phones, I'm beginning to believe there is an issue with the paging account in pbxnsip not completing the call with the source phone so it can, in fact, page. Thanks for any help!

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