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Is there a way to REDUCE outgoing minute cost?


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Hello, I am in what is probably a unique situation. Basically, providing a service to our members out of neccesity. Currently I provide Local Numbers to our clients (inmates) that they in turn dial and take advantage of the Voip technology available.


I use various vendors to obtain the DID's then I route them through my VPS (Call With US) sip server.


However, frankly I am wondering if there is a cheaper way. My outgoing minutes cost are excessive and now I am wondering if getting my own T1 line and hosting my server locally would reap any benefits. I am definately spending more in outgoing minutes than a T1 would actually cost monthly.


Yet, I know very little about the technology and the only sources I know is forums to learn as I go :)


Any ideas (even if you feel it will go over my head) would be greatly appreciated.


To be clear I am wondering if my outgoing cost per minute would be eliminated if I have my own server.. and T1 connection. I just don't think I can do anything about the incoming minute rates.



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PBXnSIP first sorry for not responding sooner. I thought I had this set to goto my email when a response is sent. However I see it was not.


Yes, I believe a Flat rate would be a big help.


I am open to any and all recommendations. Not sure what their pricing structure would be however I am currently spending in outgoing over 1,000 US a month and know that will be doubling fairly soon.





Would getting a flatrate solve the problems? There are many ITSP that offer flatrates within the US.
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