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Final Destination


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When the final destination is a cell number to a registration trunk works when the 1-3 stages are blank



however if you ring any number phones first it fails.. but the odd thing is I see the SIP invite to the trunk, the trunk says auth required then it sends a reinvite then cancels the call...


strange behavior. yet it works fine without calling extension beforehand.

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Where does the call go? To another PBX? Maybe you assigned the wrong dial plan to the hunt group. When the PBX forks the call to the cell phone, it does that using the dial plan of the extension; while other redirections out of the hunt group are being made with the dial plan of the hunt group.

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goes to a SIP trunk. I see the trunk respond, and some times I see the trunk accept the call. however pbxnsip CANCELS it.


Strange. Do you have a failover set on the trunk? Maybe it is too short. Otherwise, it would be interesting to see the INVITE that is sent on the trunk and the response from the service provider.

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