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Credit for outbound calls


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In the domain settings, you should see a setting for that... However, the prepaid stuff needs a special license key (--rate true). Make sure you have it...


Thanks for the demo key for the calling card its working Grate


1.Is there a way to add credit for a whole account (Domain) not per ext?


2. can you please post a link for the latest version for windows


I saw new fetchers for Linux (CentOS)like 1.Number of times to repeat the welcome message 2. Search Accounts - input at least 2 characters: 3.Wait before answering the call (secs):


Thank You

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I trying and i cant find how to add credit for a whole domain(account) (one credit for all ext)


Yea, that input field got forgotten! Next version will have it.


You can also charge the domain with a SOAP call. I guess in the real world, thats the way to go, because it does not set the amount, it adds it (even if there are calls going on).


You can use AddCredit as the SOAP Method for this. The arguments are Domain (e.g. "company.com") and Amount (e.g. "123.50"). If you use Extension (e.g. "40"), then only the extension will be charged.

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I am having issue with Prepaid extensions. I've tried to add rate on trunk and then to extension give a credit but somehow its not working perfectly. Let me explain you, in Trunk Rates Tab I have putted as "USA,1,0.50,60,0.00". In extension I have given Credit $2. Now it shoud work as for 4 minutes. Some times it wotks fine. But some time if i made a call for a minute and after some time again call it says no credit and when i checked extension credit it appears as "0.00" while it should be available for more 3 minutes. Also some times after 1 or 2 calls it shows extension credit as "-1.50" and it did not allow to make any other call untill I gave it credit again. I am really confused from last 3 days. Please help me.

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