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flag as idle_icon on snom 870 springboard


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i hear u, but u understand it would be amazing to have this on the spring board.

like u have apps on your iphone.


the virtual button understood to represent the lines.


telling my clients to go there to toggle service flags always seems to be odd.



It is an interesting idea. Have a look at http://wiki.snom.com/Category:Setting:snom870. You'll find links to the 15 icons/tiles/buttons e.g. dkey_touch_idle_regs etc that can be reconfigured like you'd any other programmable key on the phone. Customizing the look and feel i.e. images for icons can also be done (e.g. to change the dnd icon to be replaced by your pic). I guess you probably already know that. Though this can be done through provisioning and not via web interface. That's where pbx comes in handy :) One can provide an action url context and url that can remotely be sent from pbx to be saved on the phone (i.e. change action event in real time like your service flag idea).


Admittedly, snom is not the best when it comes to documentation so this whole exercise is not very user friendly. On the other hand, it's intended for a fairly advanced use case I guess.

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