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64 Bit Linux Users: Secure Your Systems ASAP


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Slashdot is reporting that a Linux kernel exploit is in the wild and happily rooting 64-bit Linux systems. The official issue is referred to as CVE-2010-3081. More information is available here. If you are running RHEL/CentOS or Ubuntu/Debian systems then you can download a KSplice binary that will test for the presence of backdoors left open by the unmodified exploit.


Note: Debian and Ubuntu have already published fixes. CentOS/Red Hat fixes are still awaited, but Red Het has published a temporary workaround. Also, if your system has been sanely configured from the start then you are much less likely to be rooted. While this is technically a local exploit, reports have been coming in that older (read: less secure) versions of PHP applications like Joomla and Wordpress are allowing this exploit to be used remotely.

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