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Is anyone suing the ITSP solution?


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Is anyone successfully using the itsp solution in a 1000 concurrent call situation or larger


On a single server, definitevely not. There are a couple of ITSP running the PBX in hosted mode. The biggest challenge in doing so is the transition from managing one server/core with multiple domains to multiple servers/cores with multiple domains. Add virtualization to this, then you also have a quick failover solution. When those steps are made, the service can practically scaled endlessly; as long as domains stay smaller than lets say 100 or 200 users per domain you can always bring up new servers to deal with the increased load. What those ITSP that I know did was making the standard tasks like setting up domains, deleting domains, moving domains as automatic as possible using scripts. The main problems is the link to their CRM systems and database, and linking it to their billing solution. Because there are so many different out there, there is no standard solution available.


Also, keep in mind the PBX is "class 5", not class 4. If you need a solution for dealing with a large number of subscribers without touching the media (except for the use of a SBC), then you should look for something like BroadSoft, Metaswitch or Telepo.

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we have a data base that has all the domains(accounts) and you can search by phone number and with a click of a button it logs you in to the right server ( DNS lookup ) puts in the user name and password and brings you to the right account settings


so its like one big box


I would recommended pbxnsip for a big environment

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