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Audio Problem Source?


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This is a two part question. We currently support a client who is running about 12 Snom phones. Recently they've been having some problems with calls being garbled or filled with static. This is affecting their professional image, and is just plain irritating for the client and their customers. At this point I'm still so new to VoIP service that I can't seem to make much of the situation. I'd like to be able to say that their problems are due to their ISP, but don't know for certain. I'd like to ask:


1) Does the attached log seem to indicate anything out of the ordinary? In particular, is it possible to see if the PBX needs further configuration to adjust something so the interference doesn't continue?


If it helps any, our client, FCRep, was trying to contact a customer at phone number xxxxxxx. They connected at first, but the customer said the call's audio was breaking up badly. FCRep hung up and tried dialing out to the customer several times, but couldn't get through. At last the customer called back, and the phone call continued. In the end it worked out, but it's frustrating for both parties when the phones aren't working correctly.


2) If it is a problem with the ISP, what are some ways to increase the system's stability? For instance, I don't think the phones are on a separate subnet right now. There are currently 12 computer and phone users on the network. Could separating phones from computers on the network have a material effect?


I appreciate the community's advice on this.


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Here is another link that you can try: http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Troubleshooting_SIP_Trunk_Problems


If you have to share the bandwidth with other apllications like email or www, then problems like these are only a question of time. Pragmatic approaches include getting a second cable modem and putting voice onto the second line or using a traffic shaper.

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