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Unable to call out


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I'm discovering the snomeOne software these days and at first sight, i'm really impressed by its efficiency.


I have been unsing Axon and 3CX but SnomOne is by far much more efficient and powerful.


However, I am stucking on a strange problem : i can receive call but I cannot place a call.


I set up 2 trunks : i'm able to receive call from both but each time I try to place a call, i can see a 403 error in log file.


I have a dial plan which contains only one line with the pattern 0* with replacement to 0* same routing to only one trunk. (I ve got 2 trunks but only one is used for outbound calls).


Each time, unable to place call :


Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 0234567890@pbx.MYSITEHIDDENFORPRIVACY.com to <sip:0234567890@ippi.fr;user=phone> on trunk IPPI

[5] 2010/11/22 15:40:10: INVITE Response 403 GW call denied: Terminate 2db69705@pbx


I tried with another trunk (1* was used as prefix in dialplan and replaced by 0*) :


[5] 2010/11/22 15:38:53: Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 1234567890@pbx.MYSITEHIDDENFORPRIVACY.com to <sip:0234567890@keyyo.net;user=phone> on trunk Keoy

[5] 2010/11/22 15:38:53: INVITE Response 403 From != Cred. Your request have been logged: Terminate 53696194@pbx




For both trunks, 403 error.



I'm stucking here as I never had before such kind of problems with an IP PBX.


Thank you so much for help.


Best regards,


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This is probably a problem with the presentation of the From/To/P-Asserted-Identity/Remote-Party-ID/... Every service providers wants to have it a different way.


You can try changing the modes in the trunk. The default is RFC3325, but it seems your service provider wants it a different way. Try "no hide", then the BPX will (ab-)use the From header to indicate who will pay the bill.



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