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Transfer extension to another domain


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We have a situation in which we need to transfer-move extension, recordings, messages, announcements etc. from one domain to another. I can easily create new extension in the domain I need this transfer to occur but the goal is to transfer everything associated with the existing extension in another domain. I am not aware of any procedure I can use to do that. Can someone help?

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In the first versions there was actually a possiblity to transfer inside the PBX. However, it was heavily violating the sandbox idea that we have with the domains; so it got "fixed" and transfer is not possible any more between domains.


That means you need to think about another domain like someone on the PSTN. So if you want to transfer a call into another domain, you would have to call the DID number (looping it back through the PBX, possibly through a SIP proxy) and then you can connect those two calls. The PBX will then send RTP to itself (probably through the loopback device), and there will be seperate calls showing up in the call log.

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I guess my question was not clear. We have this situation:


DID number at xxx.domain.com


I want to move the content of that number/extension with all associated recordings, VM etc to:


same DID number yyy.domain2.com


In other words moving the content of one extension from domain1 to domain2 Is that possible?

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Ah, okay now got it.


No unfortunately, right now you can move only a whole domain. Workaround would be to copy the domain (save and restore it), then delete all accounts except the extension; well then you have singled out that extension and can see what recordings it is using and then create it in the target domain (there is no merging of domains at this point). Very ugly, I know. If it is a valid use case, we might have to make this a feature.

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