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how can i add a rage of IP address is "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic:


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To clarify, this is the situation, and maybe there is a misunderstanding:

Twilio utilizes, for example, the below IP-addresses and with network for Media being put into use on Monday next week. 

Is it perhaps the case that only the signalling IP-addresses need to be configured in the Vodia trunk settings, and that media will flow regardless of if the originating Media IP-addresses match trunk settings?

If so, Twilio users should be fine...If not, there's a lot of trouble coming.

Signalling IPs: which translates to:
    Ports: 5060 (UDP/TCP), 5061 (TLS)

Media IPs:
    Port Range: 10,000 to 20,000 (UDP) 



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You don't have to worry about the media IP - the PBX does not filter for those.

As for the signalling IP, you have two choices - leave it empty and assume that you will never receive a packet from another location except where you registered. That is actually a reasonable assumption because everything else will not work with NAT anyway. Otherwise you can write a little script in the programming language of your choice that produces the list of IP addresses - there is no limit on how many addresses you can list there.

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