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a lot of times when i get a call that is redirect to a cell i will hear like the person is pressing DTMF buttons, and few time i asked are you dialing and the answer was NO,


also few times i have called into the IVR and used the calling card to place an outbound international call and the other party asked me if i am pressing buttons cause every few seconds the other party heard as i would dial numbers on my phone,


Did any one experience the same issue ?

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Well, someone is "transcoding" DTMF tones. It could be the PSTN gateway, or even the PBX. The problem is that for example the PSTN gateway cannot know if someone down the path wants to receive out of band DTMF tones, so it does it anyway.


DTMF is a big problem in VoIP. Unfortunately there is no good answer what to do.

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