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snom 320 does not show caller numer for picked-up calls


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We have just set up our first system for a client. PBX version: 2011- (Win64), snom 320 phones firmware version 8.4.31.


When using button to pick up calls, our snom 320 does not display the caller number of the call you pick up, it just shows some other number which I don't know where it comes from. We use PnP provisioning of the pick-up buttons and have chosen BLF and the extension number (extension monitoring did not work for picking up calls).


We have only changed language and regional settings in the phones settings, all other settings are done with PnP from the PBX.


Thanks in advance,



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It generally shows the number that it dials when you press the button. May be we can send an update to the phone after the call is connected to show the caller id.


OK, so you mean that this is how it is supposed to work?


I am just surprised because I can't imagine that our customers are the first to react on this. We have been selling snom phones a couple of years now but are new to snom ONE. With the previous PBX that we used to work with (3CX) the snom phones always showed correct caller number when picking up and transferring calls. But everything else that we have tested so far is better in snom ONE ;) .

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It might just depend on the firmware version. In the "meantime" there was a RFC available for the update or the caller ID, which caused some major confusion (RFC4916). The PBX uses this RFC, but some phone firmware versions are lagging behind.


OK, so what should we do to make it work? Switch phone firmware version?

The PBX version is 2011- (Win64) and snom 320 phones firmware version 8.4.31.

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We have something working in the lab already. Firmware upgrade on the phones will probably not help as the 8.4.31 has just been released and I would not expect another one for the next couple of months. We can give you a build of the 4.2 branch with a fix, if it is urgent to make the customer happy (private message pbx_support for that).

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