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*72 + number for PSTN punch through

Steve B

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I just did an install for a customer where they have seven PSTN lines and they want to be able to forward their main incoming line at night to 1 of 9 different cell phones when they leave the office. My delima:


1. All the extensions are in a hunt group, if I forward one to a cell phone after hours through the phone, it doesn't forward out.

2. I can ring a cell phone simultaneously for an extension but this would ring all the time. Since the person on call could be different depending on the day, we don't want all the cell phones to ring simultaneously.


Is there a way to easily change the forward number on a hunt group or be able to forward the phone when in a hunt group?

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Did you try putting these cell phone numbers in the hunt group stages directly?


No I did not put them in the hunt group stages directly. If this works, it would still be to much of a hassle for them to log in and change it at the current point. They are still trying to get used to pooled line groups and parking vs SLA. I tried SLA and it worked but any time the receptionist would put a line on hold the phone would still have dial tone on the speaker waiting for her to do something.


I guess it goes back to my topic that I failed to put in the body of my last post, to punch *72 through to the PSTN, I believe it is \*72 in the dial plan pattern and sip:\*72@\d;user=phone in the replacement, is this correct?



Another off topic item is where can I get the full syntax for auto provisioning the snom phone? I am trying to get the the CID to only display number, not name.


Thank you,


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You will probably need to use a service flag to achieve this. There are several ways to change the status of the service flag, e.g. dial special codes or do it automatically.


Then with the service flags you could set up two hunt groups, one for "day" and the other one for "night", which will probably include the cell phone numbers. The day service flag will redirect the call in the case of the acticated service flag ("night") to the night hunt group.

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