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Gateway Setup SnomOne to second SnomOne


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I don't fully understand the use of Gateway trunks as decribed under http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=SIP_Gateway. I want to connect two SnomOne systems over a VPN. In the example Domain 1's gateway trunk is set to IP and domain 2's IP is That's all fine. But how does domain 1 find the route to domain 2? And how do the systems now on what side the 5xx and 6xx numbers are located. Is there some information missing?


Besides: There is also a typo in the example. In the picture with the phones ist says IP In the setup example below 195 ist 196.

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Whatever you do, think of calls that go over the trunk as calls that run over the public telephone network, that mens choose telephone numbers that look or are real. There is a lot of confusion if you use numbers that are 41 on one system and the other system has a 41.


If there is not NAT involved (for example when you are able to use VPN), I would just use two gateway trunks.


If there is NAT, then things get tricky because one trunk needs to register with another trunk. Maybe that would be another topic on the forum.


If you have a lot of trunks, consider using the text form for the trunk setup (makes editing them easier) and also for the dial plan.

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