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Call Routing


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This issue is driving me absolutely crazy! We are running a hosted PBX for a small number of customers. We have a Cisco Gateway with several PRI-s attached to it. Each customer is designated their own domain. Each domain has a separate trunk (to provide caller ID for outgoing calls) and each customer has a very simple dial plan for outgoing calls. Basically anything that is local call is sent to Cisco trunk and then on to PSTN to terminate the call.


The issue is this. When calling from a PBX and dialing a number which belongs to a particular customer from a different domain some calls properly get sent to the outbound trunk (cisco) and then routed to the PBX but some don?t. They somehow get sent to our LD provider.


If I dial a number which belongs to domain Z from domain X I get to the right place.

If I dial a number which belongs to domain Z from domain Y I get half way around the world with the message that the number is invalid


I have checked settings for trunks, dial plans and I don?t see anything wrong on any of the settings. Here is the log from incorrect routing:


5] 2007/11/15 17:03:20: Attendant: Redirect to 500

[5] 2007/11/15 17:03:20: Dialplan: Match 500@lexortho.vatelephone.com to <sip:500@prescient;user=phone> on trunk SipVonWorld

[5] 2007/11/15 17:03:23: INVITE Response: Terminate 17747495@pbx

[5] 2007/11/15 17:03:23: Dialplan: Match 500@lexortho.vatelephone.com to <sip:500@callcentric.com;user=phone> on trunk callcentric

[5] 2007/11/15 17:03:25: INVITE Response: Terminate 650d6fcc@pbx

[5] 2007/11/15 17:06:37: BYE Response: Terminate 307d0dbf295ba49c336d6a984ed47598


Can someone help?

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Do the trunks have an outbound proxy set? The "outbound" proxy is also the "inbound" proxy for identifying where the call belongs to. Check if you see anything in the log saying "Identify trunk XXX" (log level 5 in the trunk category) and if it matches your expectations.


Yes all trunks have outbound proxy set, and they are all the same. Here is what the log shows on the call that doesn't go properly:

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:25: Identify trunk 73

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:26: Attendant: Redirect to 300

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:26: Dialplan: Match 300@rgv.vatelephone.com to <sip:300@lexotho.vatelephone.com;user=phone> on trunk Prescient

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:28: INVITE Response: Terminate 41ed1980@pbx

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:28: Dialplan: Match 300@rgv.vatelephone.com to <sip:300@callcentric.com;user=phone> on trunk callcentric

[5] 2007/11/23 10:23:31: INVITE Response: Terminate 7f2fa7e3@pbx


More onthe subject. I have some more details. I beleive this is a bug. This behavior occurs in some domains if the tel:extension is forwarding calls to either autoatendant or hunt group. What is weird about it is that in some cases this doesn't happen? Any suggestions?

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What is strange here is that 300 seems to be an account, but the PBX does not find it and uses the dial plan to dial an external number. Do we have a problem of mixing up domains here?


I don’t know if this is a question for me or a rhetorical one, but I believe that this is a bug. I have done some more testing and some domains work fine and some do not. Even in the same domain I have numbers that are routed properly and some that are not. Do I need to open a ticket with tech support on this?

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