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Upgrade from PBXnSIP to Snome one and hardware migration


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Hi All.


Assisting a customer who has an old PBXnSIP server and they are looking to upgrade to SnomOne Blue.

They already have thier Snom license and are all ready to migrate.


Current server is

Mac Mini

OSX 10.5.8

Intel C2D

Running PBXnSIP

20 Extensions.


New server is

Mac Mini

OSX 10.5.8

Intel C2D (so the hardware is identical)


Idealy what the customer would like us to do is...

Keep the current server as is

Setup the new Server and Install SnomOne.

transfer all accounts/Voice mail/Hunt groups etc from odl to new server.

switch off old and switch on new.


keeping the old server as backup in case the migration is not smooth.


are there any written instructions for migrating servers ?

Would i have to upgrade the old server first ?

any advice ?




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Most easiest way to do this is

  • take the domain back up (You will find a link Admin->Edit Domains page). Pretty much everything for the domain will be backed up in the domain.tar.
  • On the new system, you can delete the default domain that comes with the installation.
  • Create the new domain with domain.tar file from the old system
  • Double check if everything is imported properly. We know that most of the basic stuffs will be imported. If they have personal greetings, double check if they are properly carried over too. There were some versions had issues importing these files.


On the other hand, since this is only 20 extension system, it maybe easier to create them manually. That way you know that everything you need is configured properly.

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Hi Support.


we have an issue.

When we select to back up the configuration from the PBXnSIP.

it produces a tar file of 0kbs.


on the other systems where i tried the same process the file is always 500-600kbs.


so it seems we cannot take that path.


is it ok to upgrade the PBXnSIP in place to SnomONE ?

its currently running PBXnSIP

would we have to upgrade in stages or could we just go straight to the latest release ?




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Just to be clear.

the goal was not to change hardware, we were only making use of an old server as we thought it would make the upgrade easier.

we have now cloned the server and have a decent back up.


so the question now do we need to upgrade in steps or can we go straight to the latest version ?

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You do not need to upgrade in steps between v4 and v4. Most of the things should work fine without any issues.


Couple of areas to look out for though -

One issue some customers faced was regarding the external calls (in and/or outbound calls). The reason is that in v4 we convert all the DID's/Alias/ANI numbers into a global format if the country code is set (at the domain level). This caused some issues with matching numbers. If you are not using the country/area code then the upgrade should be smooth. In any case, these are very easy to fix.

Other issue is regarding the permissions at the extension level. In v3 permission tab mostly had "on/off" options. In v4, it is a text box to provide better control.

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