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can CSTA can access the pbx with no password?


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ah, watch how you "fix" this. It is more of a conversation on how it should work in my mind.


also this is not keeping our app from working. It is actually works peferctly fine. We have our client showing the dnd status of all other phones on the system--live. Petty cool. almost like Lync. ;-)


it is more of a security issue.

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I guess you mixed the 2 posts here. Anyways, in the next version the DND status will be available only if the permission is set(posted the reply on the other thread too).


Regarding the password topic, the next version will respond to properly only if the start application session is successful. If it is not, you will receive invalid session response.

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Yes i did kind of mix the issues-


#1-the start of this post is: should any person on the internet be able to set or get DND on snom ONE pbx. probably not and you'll fix it. thanks.

#2-2nd issue i guess is even if user has a valid credentials should they be able to get / set everyone eleses DND. also probably not. and i guess


None of these are keeping our super cool client ;-) from working...just security items snom should look at.



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