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Translation of JS dialog messages


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Check out the "source" code in the web interface (admin/web/templates). If you see something like "{lng xxx}" then the text is stored in the dictionary, which can also be edited through the web interface.


Which one needs to be corrected? Maybe we can also include that in the next build...

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Thanks, but I could not find it there in the relevant file. I was looking for the domain account list page, because when you chose the "Reboot accounts" option from the dropdown menu, the box shows "Sind Sie sicher das Sie diese Konferenz löschen möchten?Ausgewählte neu startenKonten?". The correct one instead would be "Ausgewählte Konten neu starten?".


And the Copyright on the login page still shows 2010.

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Hi, the delete dialog also got a wrong translation, it currently says:


"Sind Sie sicher das Sie diese Konferenz löschen möchten? Ausgewählte löschenKonten?" which is equal to "Do you want to delete this conference? Choosen delete Accounts?" (also in this weird order).


It should be replaced with "Möchten Sie die ausgewählten Einräge wirklich löschen?" -> "Are you sure you want to delete the selected items?".

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