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PnP without DHCP Option66


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Hi everybody.

I'm trying to configure PnP in a test environment.



Snom320 (reset to factory defaults)

No DHCP Option66


I can set up manually IP address on the phone.

I access to web interface and set setting url.

Everything is OK.


I'd like to make installation as easy as possible.


Is it possibile to setup the "update_server" (the option passed normally through DHCP Option66) through ActionURL

(eg: http://phone_ip/set.php?update_server=




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I would just put the IP address of the server into the settings_server field of the phone. This is pretty much like option 66. As far as I remember this is in the webinterface in advanced, then on the very right tab.


I also remember that you can hold the pound key down while booting (but after it asks to interrupt the boot process), then you can enter the IP address also from the phone keyboard.

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