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408 error


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Have a customer who is getting lots of 408 errors on their trunk.

i have other customers on the same SIP provider who don't seem to have the same errors.


Version: 2011- (Linux)

Created on: Jun 27 2011 12:40:10

License Status: snom ONE free

License Duration: Permanent

Additional license information: Extensions: 5/10 Accounts: 10/30 Upgrade: 01 01 2013

Working Directory: /usr/local/snomONE

MAC Addresses: 001CC0E0959E

Calls: 0/0 (CDR: 33/32/33) 0/0 Calls

SIP packet statistics: Tx: 81 Rx: 59

Emails: Successful sent: 0 Unsuccessful attempts: 0

Available file system space: 92%

Uptime: 2011/7/28 15:01:17 (uptime: 0 days 00:06:26) (8193 9847744-0) WAV cache: 0

Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=0, HTTP=2


the error i get is

[2] 2011/07/28 14:55:23: Trunk status Voip Unlimited (2) changed to "408 Request Timeout" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds)


Sometime this rights itself but today this has been going on for some hours.


Any advice ?

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PBX automatically retries every 60 seconds if the remote server(trunk provider) did not respond to the registration request. But during the retry PBX does a DNS lookup and if the DNS server did not repsond properly at that point, you will get into this type of issue.


You can maually click on the "REGISTER" button to trigger the registration again. I would recommend to setup the email notification for trunk registration failure.

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Just upgraded a customers Snomone to the latest version as it was having issues and on restart it gets these same 408 errors.

So that's two customers now who are having these 408 issues and trunks refusing to registers.


First customer is using a BT line and a SIP account for VoipUnlimited

Second customers is using a Spitfire Line and SIP account from Spitfire.

both are using totally different DNS servers.


this means ive got customers with out phones for days on end and is causing lots and lots of issues.


All fingers are being pointed at it being a fault with the PBX software.


what are we to do ?




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Yes there was progress. One the one hand, there were situations when the PBX was reporting a "false alarm" when then trunk was still registered but the PBX already indicated 408. But there were also improvements regarding the actual behavior.


We have recently investigated a case with Wireshark where the PBX was sending out REGISTER, but intermittently the service provider really did not answer. We also had cases where the problem was not SIP; but DNS. If the DNS server does not answer, the fail-over to a secondary DNS server may take significant time, and it can also happen that a request times out because of that. Unfortunately, the SIP RFC requires a lot of DNS queries (DNS NAPTR, SRV for TCP, TLS and UDP, AAAA and A), just to send out one REGISTER request. If the TTL is very short, that is a major problem.

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