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MOH with Shoutcast on Linux


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We need to have the Music on Hold play a Shoutcast stream. I know Pbxnsip expects a specific WAV format for the files, and I am wondering if anyone knows how to make this work in pbxnsip, even if it's using other tools to pipe to a .wav file. I know Asterisk has this built-in, and you can just enter mpg123 and a stream name. I hope pbxnsip has some kind of solution for this!





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There used to be an application called pagmoh that can generate the RTP streams (in Windows) from the mic input and send the RTP stuff to the speaker. Maybe this will help you. If you are using the mic loopback, you can practically use any application that generates speaker output and send it back to the mic input.

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You can download the app here



should have the same functionality as the pbxnsip.


http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/docs/snomONE_online_book.pdf Check page 385

If you are running a pbxnsip version nothing has really change in this area.


? Can you explain what you just linked me to? What does "should have the same functionality as the pbxnsip." mean? Should I try one of these modules?


Also, in the Modules section, the MOH thing is for Windows only. I am using Linux.

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