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2 incomming, 3 outgoing how to configure

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I have a voip.ms account (which works fine), however they have confirmed the below...




With the number xxx xxx xxxx being on flat rate plan, you will be able to receive a maximum of 2 inbound calls. If your system permits it, you can also make outbound calls at the same time. So, if you have two incoming calls received at any time, you will be able to make 3 outbound calls at the same time."



So i was thinking, how do i configure the trunk in SNOM ONE to make sure i can do the above, putting 5 lines in the CO wouldnt do it as i cant make 5 calls, so do i need 2 trunks, 1 set to incomming only the other outgoing only each with 2 / 3 CO lines, i assume SNOM ONE will route with this and it will stop me getting some odd call rejections?




2 trunks, 1 set to normal with 2 lines and another trunk set to outgoing only with 1 more line (which i assume would be the better setup).


With the above, how would be the best way to show these trunks (3 lines) on the phones, i want the light to come on when someone is on the phone, from what i hear "private line" wont show up on all phones, only the one its used on, so would "shared line" so it?

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Co-lines can be qualified as inbound only or outbound only. "Reserving lines exclusively for inbound or outbound traffic may be appropriate at times. If you put a :i after the line name, the system will use that line only for inbound traffic (e.g., line1:i). If you put a :o after the line name, the system will use that line only for outbound traffic. If there is no attribute set after the colon, the line will be available for both inbound and outbound traffic." (see http://wiki.snomone....nks&redirect=no). That might help solving the problems.

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Hi, yeah i got that markers for inbound and outbound....


However the question is what would be the "standard" for a voip line that can have 2in and 3 out. However i have sort of thought might be easier to just have CO set to 3 names, once 2 are used comming in then i am still able to make 3 out going calls. how will SNOM know i can do this if that VOIP line only have 3 lines (2 used for inbound leaving only 1 left).


I needed a way of able to show this on the phone without using loads of buttons, i am not to worried about in comming but would like to be able to show all phones that a call is comming in however dont want it to tie up the phone line as it can still have 3 calls leaving the building.

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