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M9 doesnt go to mailbox

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M9 has the below firmware:


  • Base Station: 9.4.12-a
  • Handset: PTCL14I20110802

I have a defualt time of ringing for 20 seconds then it goes to mailbox, when trying to ring the M9 extenstion i get "there was no answer from this extension", this should go to mailbox, provisioning is from Snom One server, so whats missing?

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Does it continue to say, "Press 1 for call back, 2 to leave a message?


If not, could you please send us the PBX log? Also, if you use non-m9, does the call go to mailbox?




Both on Snom ONE system...


from ext 21 (snom 360)

to ext 41 (snom m9)


On ext21 i get the "press 1 to receive a call back", the call going to the M9 doesnt go to voicemail, this seems odd (360 extension will go to voicemail)!

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when calling it, it doesn't go to mailbox either......


I thought this would be a provisioning thing, however the M9 settings file (snom_m9_settings.xml) has this in it <user_mailbox perm="R" idx="{lc}">{account}</user_mailbox>, i know this file works as it has changed my Time Server and this is in the file as well.....


Not quiet sure whats going on here...

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Ive been having major issues with this.... for the amount of money these phone cost they dont work with SNOM ONE, considering i have just advised 2 clients to us Cisco based on my findings of this M9 (that i bought personally to test), this sort of major issue need to be nailed.


BOth clients went with BELL and Cisco VOIP systems, i was going to deploy Snom ONe boxes with all phones but they need DECT units and this M9 just doenst work with the SNOM one server.


According to your own documentation only the 3xx series and M3 can auto provision (on your Wiki site). You forgot to add anything to the new 8xx series and M9????? your going to loose sales over this


Just to cover some baes, this not a hardware layer issue, ive just deployed fibre, HP switches, everythign else on all sites work fine.


Ive had MAJOR issues with the M9 with regards configuration if its been reset, MAJOR issues with all phones and NTP (again just doesnt work), the 3xx phones are quiet stable, however the NTP creates problems which i am still trying to sort 3 months later.


Being told "it works on mine" doesnt cut it, as i then do exactly what was done filling in some "missing" gaps, and i cant replicate a working phone (with regards the M9).


I am now doing it again, however 2 major clients you will have lost sales on (they are buying about 30 units each).

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You mentioned that you hear "Press 1 to call back..". That generally means the call is going to voicemail on the PBX. Now you have to see if on those extensions voicemail is enabled (Extension->Mailbox page). From the PBX point of view it does not matter if the phone is M9, snom3xx or 3rd party. If the call is not answered within the mailbox timeout (again Extension->Mailbox page), the call will go to mailbox.

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