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saving a "pause" as a quick dial

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I have a few numbers which dial then wait for abit the dial and extenstion, how do i put a "pause" in to a speed dial number? number is something like 1 519 xxx xxxx p 201


This would dial the number then wait (maybe 3 seconds) then dial "201" as the extension after the caller (attendant) picks up. Works on my mobile, however not sure what the pause letter is..... ideas?

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The problem is that the PBX does not send the number out as DTMF... It just passes the number on to the trunk in the Request-URI. So the answer is, you can put in anything that the service provider or gateway understands... Realistically, chances are pretty low that they support it.


hummm :(


my iPhone does it, infact every mobile phone ive ever had does it.... although the answer make sense, shouldnt this be added as a feature?


On the back of this, i cant seem to get any long distance numbers added (as they are dialled), when pressing the button its like there just not stored, how do i know this isnt a phone problem?

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I remember we talked about this problem in a previous thread, some time ago. Essentially what we need is to play back DTMF tones as soon as the call is connected. The easiest way is to do this on the trunk. So it would essentially send everything everything before the comma character to the trunk as usual; then keep the stuff after the comma for the playback after the connect event. Then we can kep this a general concent and dont limit it to the speed dial codes.

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