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I am trying to implement a function that will call back based on web site link...


I want to have a web form on my site that let peoples entering their phone number for having the system calling them and connect the call with an AA or an extension. Is this a possible function and how?



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I am thinking on how we can get this done the easiest way... Conferencing now allows invitations... We have the call back on busy features for internal extensions... But the web callback is something that really makes sense in so many cases. We need to make this very easy to use, like the scheduling of a page playback that we have recently added. Then you can just put some code in PHP or whatever you are using to get this done. Maybe we can use a agent group to automate finding an available person to do the call.

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We do have click to dial links. The syntax is below.



(where 1845 is the http port on the PBX. You can also use https instead of http)


Ex: http://pbx.company.com:1845/remote_call.htm?user=511@localhost&connect=true&dest=18001231234&auth=511@localhost:511pw

(where 511pw is the web password for of extension 511@localhost).


This is still very primitive support based on what you are looking for. Ideally, we should enhance this feature to have more options. Ex: callback now or later, push the call to a Q and as and when the agents become free PBX will call back the initiator of the request, or keep the initiator connected to a IVR/Q & keep playing messages etc.

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