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Incoming calls: no caller ID and calling party does not hear ring tone


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Hoepfully my last questions regarding the Snom One Plus PBX and I trust this is the correct forum.


Incoming calls are now working with these 2 caveats; 1) The calling party hears no ring tone before the call is answered; and 2) all the calls are from 'unknown-caller'


Is this a trunk set-up issue or is it the NetBorder Express gateway?




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I am sure the NBE is not receiving the ANI. As to how to fix it is a different matter! I have restarted the NBE recently (out of hours in the UK) and now it does not display the error message but the behaviour is still the same. The error message, as I remember it, did mentioning no ANI being present.


I have attached the log file for a call I just made from home back into the office. After 5 seconds of silence it then went to voicemail, as expected as no-one was there to answer.


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In the trunk section there is a setting called "Ringback(Support early, media)" set this to message 180. The sangoma log indicated that we are receiving the ANI and the unknown-caller-name as well. The snom phone is capable of showing both the name and number, you can check this setting on the phone.







also there is a setting called "force local ringback". If you set that then PBX will play the ringback to the caller.


Are you able to hear the caller?

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I have changed the Ringback (Support Early Media) to Message 180. I can check the phone settings when I am back in the office tomorrow. I am currently doing all this remotely as it is almost 11.30pm!


Force Local Ringback was already set to Yes. Not being able to hear the ring tone is very disconcerting!! Once the call is answered then the call proceeds as normal.


This is still not working. Am I best to email Snom support?

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