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Doro ip840C - SnomOne Compatible ?


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Hi there,


I have recently discovered a very close phone from Snom 370 which is sold under DORO IP840C model.


I was wondering whether this phone is same as Snom 370, especially for Firmware and if I should expect a 100% compatibility with SnomOne PBX.





Thanks in advance for your comments.


Best regards,


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But that's incredible how similar thos phones are. The complete range of Doro IP 820 and 810/820/840 is equal to Snom 300/320/360 and 370.


Even firmware screenshots look similar.


Did Snom and Doro work together on those phones ?


It would be interesting to try to boot from a Snom firmware image.


You were talking about version 7 of Doro firmware and compatibility. Could you tell me a bit more about this ?





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