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m9 multiple registration problem


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We've installed 2 m9 base stations to the customer site. Both of them have the same accounts and dects. But on snom one plus (v2011- ) we can see just one of them as registered. When we try to call dect which is in second base station coverage, it doesn't ring because second base station is not shown as registered in snom one plus. I checked the status in base stations, it seems both are registered. We already configured Max. number of concurrent registrations per extension to 5. Multiple registration is working when I try with softphone.


Can you please help us in this case?


Thanks in advance.

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I've seen this problem too - it appears that with the m9 only the first phone registered to a particular identity will ring by default. There may be a proper/better resolution to this, but the way I got round it was to create two identities on the base station, both to the same account on the PBX (e.g. 40@pbx.snom.com), then assigned each DECT phone to only one identity. Both then ring.




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