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Voice Mail Message Count

Bill H

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We normally receive a New Message Indication on our Aastra phones along with the total of new messages in the Mail Box.


Our office was closed for a week and all calls went to their respective extensions OK.


Some of the more active extensions were up to around 40 or 50 messages.


All messages were checked and deleted.


Now, all of a sudden, around the same time every day (2PM EST) almost everyone gets a New Message Indication with

around 80 to 130 new messages.


These are all Blank/No Message.


Anyone have an idea as to what this may be?




Bill H

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Ouch. It seems that the file system still has the messages XML files after the users deleted them. There was this version (2.1.3?) that was not flushing the file buffers all the time, and those messages are probably a remainder from this version.


There must be a correlation between the files references in the messages XML files and the WAV files in the recordings directory. If a file referenced in the XML does not exist, it is safe to remove that XML file. The latest version does not have this problem any more, the problem will go away eventually when users go through their messages.

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